Hello Executive,

My name is Lane Fox. I appreciate you meeting with me here online. In short, I am a business executive who helps other business executives.

In particular, if you are having problems in any of the following areas…if you are wanting improvements in any of the following areas:


Then it is highly likely that I can help you.

Here Is How You Can Get Help In Your Business…

  1. Call me at (918) 851-0230
  2. We will have a no-cost discussion about your situation.
  3. I will give you a clear explanation of exactly how I can help you.
  4. If wanted, I am happy to come in and visit with you (and any other stakeholders) so that you can get an even better sense of my competence.
  5. To the best of my ability, I will give you a “recommended” fee up-front. Obviously, an open-ended engagement will be more of an estimation whereas a time-specific engagement will be an exact quote.
  6. After I have provided the service, help, assistance, improvements, fixes, changes, training, presentations, etc. that you brought me in to provide, then YOU will determine what my actual value was to you and your organization and pay me accordingly.
  7. You may decide that my value was less than, equal to, or greater than my “recommended” fee…and whatever you decide my value to be, that is what you should pay. If you decide that I provided no value to you, then you owe me nothing.

That is the usual process plain and simple. (At the same time, we can go through a different process if that is what you need.)

In short, you bring me into your business to assist you in certain ways…or to effect certain outcomes for you…or to present, train, or fix on your behalf.

Then, when I am finished, YOU get to decide what I was ultimately worth to you and your organization.

Bluntly, YOU will ALWAYS be the ultimate judge on what I have been worth to you and your organization…which means you will never have to pay for anything I do or provide except that which has been of value to you.

This is as fair to you…as easy for you…and as risk-free for you…as I know how to make it. And, it places the burden squarely and fully on my shoulders to deliver the service, value, results, and benefits that you want me to deliver.

So one more time…when you have any kind of a business problem or desired business improvementone that is related to leadership, people, management, marketing, sales, processes, production, innovation, research, or masterminding

Call me:

ArrowBullet(918) 851-0230

Lane Fox
Lane Fox

The business executive who helps business executives!

PS: There is no need for you to struggle alone with your business problems any longer. There is no need for you to stay frustrated over things not working as well as you want them to in your business. Just call me and let’s have a FREE conversation about your situation and what can be done to improve the things you want improved.